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A problem and an idea come together to revolutionize your supply chain.

The problem is an abundance of raw material remnants typically the result of high MOQ’s, a downward change in demand or a change in strategy leading to excess materials that are perfectly good, but no longer needed.  These remnants are currently taking up space on your warehouse shelves and on your P&L and they eventually become not only financial waste, but also environmental waste.

The idea is BuyByeSupply.  Our marketplace focuses specifically on these leftover remnants.  We connect competitors in the manufacturing industry (anonymously if you choose) to help both sides improve margins and reduce waste.  List all your raw material remnants on the site to offer them to a much larger audience than you could by calling the people you happen to know.  Purchase remnants to save money, time on delivery (vs original manufacturers) and avoid MOQ’s for orders big or small. 

Search BuyByeSupply for your ingredients first before you call your supplier.  List your remnants and turn waste into cash.

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