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In the cosmetic and personal care manufacturing industry at any given moment, there are approximately $100 million in leftover component raw materials and packaging waiting to be destroyed, or worse, essentially poured down the drain and released into the environment.

BuyByeSupply is an online b2b marketplace for contract manufacturers that simplifies the buying and selling of raw material remnants in a seamless and trusted way.

To list your remnants on, simply email us at and provide us with a few details about the product you want to sell.  Just send us a spreadsheet and we’ll do all the work: listing your remnants on the site (anonymously if you prefer), marketing your product to other manufacturers and marketing our site to the wider industry to get more eyes on your remnants.  Manufacturers big and small across the country will have the opportunity to make you an offer.  This saves them time and money and rids you of perfectly good product you were unable to use.  It also eliminates the obvious desperation buyers see when you call and ask them if they want to buy your leftovers.  The best part?  All of this is free unless you sell something.

To purchase on, simply browse or search for an item or category you need.  When you’ve found it, buy it!  If you don’t like the price, make an offer!  It’s that simple.  Once you’ve come to an agreed upon price, the buyer arranges shipping, payment goes into escrow and, once the product has been received and confirmed, payment is released from escrow to the seller.

We are passionate about saving you money and, at the same time, reducing the amount of waste in our industry.  We want to be your no-cost solution to the remnant problem and help you reach your sustainability goals.  Helping you is OUR goal.

Email us now and get started today!

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